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We are a small award winning business dedicated to providing personal service and attention to detail.

We offer a mobile building design and drafting service throughout South-East Queensland. Covering the area from Noosa to North Lakes.

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Bob Kain - Designer
Building Designer & Member of the
Building Designers Association Queensland #1012
0404 136 637

Drafting Design Process

The Documentation Process

(A basic outline – variations can occur)
With changes to legislation over recent years, not everyone understands the process involved in making a building application or how or why BK Designer Drafting follow certain procedures.

Step 1

The first step is to gather the information about your requirements. I need to discuss the style and proposed layout of the dwelling as well as how it is to be located on the site.

Information which will assist at this stage is an RP or SP plan, contours, clippings from magazines showing the style and any rough sketches of the floor plan. Please be aware that it is illegal to copy other design work.

Step 2

After I’ve collected all the necessary information I can then give you a price and fee schedule. I usually give an approximate cost for Engineering. The written Engineers fee proposal is usually requested on completion of the preliminary drawings. This allow the Engineer to see what work is involved and is able to give a more accurate price. If you are happy to proceed, you sign the Contract of Engagement  and pay a deposit of 10% by cheque or direct debit.

This will initiate a start to your project. You do not have to use the engineer that I have chosen.
Some clients have their own engineer and may prefer to use them; however, they will need to be fully licensed and provide a structural check and certification to me on completion of their work.

Step 3

Based on the information gathered earlier, I will provide preliminary drawings showing the floor plan with dimensions, elevations showing the outside walls and in most instances, a site plan showing the location on the block. It’s at this stage that changes need to be made. Some clients require additional information such as internal 3D views, glasshouse or doll house views, sections etc. These can be provided for an additional fee; see the Document Page for further information.

Any changes that you want to make should be shown by putting a number next to the item and making a numbered list down the side of the page or on a separate sheet. For example if a door needs to be moved, put the number 1 next to the door and then write on the sheet 1. Move door 1500mm towards the bathroom. When you are happy with the design, initial and date the drawings on the bottom right and return them to me with payment for preliminary drawings (Second installment).

Step 4

Depending on the complexity of the design and the clarity of the original information, it is sometimes necessary to fine tune the preliminary drawings. This additional work is usually charged at an hourly rate and is not included in the original quotation. When we have achieved the final design, a copy of the preliminary drawings are sent to the Engineer requesting a written fee proposal. Their fee proposal will be sent to you as soon as we receive it. The final working drawings are created based on the returned preliminary drawings. These drawings include structural detail for the builder. These drawings are then sent to the Engineer so that the footings and other structural elements outside our scope of expertise can be designed. The Engineer will require a soil test to provide the design of the footings.

Step 5

When the Engineer has completed the structural design and checking required, a copy of the engineering design drawings are sent to me. At this stage a builder is able to quote the project.

The building application requires the Builders registration number, Portable Long Service Levy and QBCC Insurance information; for this reason it is often easier to allow the builder to lodge the building application with the Private Certifiers. On approval the building work may commence.